How do I Choose an Electric Standing Desk.

How do I Choose an Electric Standing Desk.

Invest in a Sit Stand Desk with a Good Motor

We’ve all heard how sitting is the new smoking and that movement is a natural medicine for the body. Just because you can now find an electric sit-stand at The Warehouse for under $300 doesn’t mean it’s a smart buy. You’re better off choosing one from a reputable brand like Agile, Cubit, Summit, or Pulse. Make sure you choose an electric standing desk with a dual motor option which makes it more adept at lifting a heavy load (important if you have unusually large computers on your desk). All these models plug into the wall, so you’ll need a nearby outlet. If you’re sticking with a tight budget, consider outfitting your current desk with a less expensive desk top riser that will still get you out of your chair and standing.

Check the Warranty 

Anything with a motor can break. So, make sure whatever height adjustable desk you buy comes with a good warranty.

Make sure it’s Adjustable Enough for you. 

Some models aren’t ideal if you’re under 162cm (5 feet 4 inches) because they only adjust down to about 64cm (25 inches). On the other hand, some don’t go high enough for tall people to be able to work comfortably.

Here’s a good guide: If you’re under 162cm (5 feet 4 inches), look for a height adjustable desk that adjusts down to at least 58cm (23 inches). If you’re taller than 198cm (6 feet 6 inches) make sure the sit stand desk-top goes up to at least 127cm (50 inches). Then test it out: You should be able to keep your elbows at a 90-degree angle in sit and stand mode. If your standing desk is too low, you’ll tend to lean down on it, which is not ideal. Leaning will relieve a little bit of weight from your legs but will put extra weight on your shoulders and your elbows which isn’t good long term.

Shop Carefully if you’re Sharing the Standing Desk

If other members of your household will be using the sit stand desk, you’ll likely need a large adjustability range, ideally more than 64cm (25 inches) and you’ll want a height adjustable desk that remembers your saved settings, just like many car seats can do.

Consider Where your Cables Will Go.

Most online images of height adjustable sit-stand desks don’t show power cables or computer cables and we all know these can get messy if you don’t have good features for managing them. Make sure the height adjustable desk you chose has at least one cable port for pushing your cables through. Also make sure the desk provider offers options like cable trays so you can fold up spare cables rather than having a mass of spaghetti at your feet which can be a trip hazard.

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