White Cupboards & Storage Cabinets

White storage cabinets to fit any Space

Some of our office cupboards and cabinets at Smart Office Furniture come in a range of colours, so you can pick and mix, but the reason brides get married in white and doctors and dentists wear white coats is perfectly appropriate here: white stands for purity, hygiene and integrity. Simplicity. Read More

Technically, white is not a colour at all, but a natural state without colour. It’s a blank sheet of paper, a fresh start, an opportunity to create something from scratch, so if you are moving into a new office with no furniture yet, the walls and ceiling are 99% certain to be white and the only reason the floor isn’t is that white shows the dirt more than any other colour, so white carpets are for Hollywood stars and the mega-rich who can get them cleaned and replaced regularly. Back in the real world, you could do a lot worse than begin with some white office storage cabinets and take it from there. Add your stylish wooden office desks and your utterly practical grey filing cabinets. Put what you like on the walls as regards pictures and inspiring words. White storage cabinets can cope with anything. Read Less