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Pulse Cupboard 1800 White

Pulse Cupboard 1800 White

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  • Description

    • Heavy duty commercial construction
    • Colour combination - White over Ironstone
    • 3 adjustable shelves and 1 fixed shelf
    • Despatched kitset - Assembly required. If you require an assembly service provider, we recommend:
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    Why White Office Storage Cupboards? Because White is so Versatile

    Perhaps you have never thought about the colours of office furniture in NZ. It’s not like choosing furniture for your home, for instance. Office furniture is functional and that’s that: colour doesn’t come into it. Well, that may be the conventional attitude, but as more and more people are blurring the lines between work and home, so the appearance factor has become more important, and having white storage cupboards in your working environment is an option that can change the ambience of the place.

    Stylish Storage Solutions with White Cupboards

    Traditionally, office furniture has been either wood-effect or no-nonsense, practical grey, the latter usually made of steel too, for that clanging sound that gives an air of solidity. That is also true of filing cabinets, of course, but they have an excuse because metal lends itself to smoothly-slammable drawers. The main reason to have grey, steel-constructed cupboards is to match the filing cabinets.

    As for wood-effect cupboards, maybe they came about to go with the desks, which have always been overwhelmingly of that ilk.

    Interior design and stylish office furniture in the workplace has been largely restricted to showrooms and window displays, with little thought given to the powerhouse of a business: the office, where much of the work is done. A roving feng shui specialist is much more likely to be interested in getting your bed facing the right way, rather than telling you that white cupboards in New Zealand offices are the way of the future.

    White Storage Cupboards are Common Sense

    The reasons we use white furniture so much in bedrooms and kitchens are simple: they look clean and stylish and go with everything. Why should those principles not be applied to the office? Clean lines and harmonious colour schemes are conducive to clarity of thought, which is obviously something that’s very welcome. So, whether you’ve got a largely grey office or one that is dominated by wood veneer in various shades and grain styles, you can place a white unit in the midst of it and it will look perfectly at home.

    White Cupboards fit any Space

    Most of our office cupboards and cabinets at Smart Office Furniture come in a range of colours, so you can pick and mix whichever fit your space the best, whether that's wood, grey or classic white cupboards. Brows our full range of cupboards and find your perfect storage solution today including steel cabinets and lockable drawers for your office.

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                                    • Dimensions
                                    • Height - 1800mmH 
                                    • Width - 900mmW 
                                    • Depth - 450mmD
                                    • 25mm commercial grade board


                                  • Specifications