Pin Boards

Never Miss an Important Message With a Cork Board

In a busy office or school things can change quickly. That’s where a prominent pin board could come in. Post quotas for the week or month, list changes to schedules, warn of broken appliances, you name it a pin board can help. It could also be helpful to let staff swap messages. They could go green and figure out car shares, and who wouldn’t love to walk into work and see a message saying, ‘cake in the staff room’? We have options of plain cork boards in NZ or combined with a whiteboard to let your creativity flow. How about getting some coloured markers and reusable stickers and really make it eye-catching, depending on the vibe of your office of course. Read More

Keep Health and Safety Prominent With a Pin Board in NZ

To keep your business compliant with the 2015 New Zealand Health and Safety at Work Act, there’s all manner of health and safety notices you must be displaying. Fire safety signs, no smoking signs, hazard warnings, the list goes on. Signs need to be noticeable and safely secured. That’s why a cork board for your business is the best choice. Your signs will be sturdy with pins so you don’t need to worry about tape coming loose and dropping the sign to the floor which could result in a fine. Not to mention, a board like this just requires one or two small holes to fasten to the wall which are easily covered over, and nothing compared to the damage tape or other temporary fixings could do to your walls.

Cork Boards and More at our one Stop Shop for Office Furnishings

At Smart Office Furniture, office furnishing are our bread and butter. Our founders were in the furniture transport business for many years before changing pace and becoming one of the first independent furniture operators online. Rather than rely on limited warehouse and/or showroom space, they decided to source the best office furniture in NZ from outside suppliers. By not being tied to any brands they could approach many suppliers at once giving customers an unrivalled choice. These orders are shipped directly from the suppliers with many products including free delivery and when an item is in stock it should be dispatched in 10 business days or less, so we won’t keep your business hanging around. 

We offer furniture for the whole office from a cork board to stackable coference chairs so if you need a few items or a whole office fit out in NZ we can help. We’ve been under new ownership since 2020 and we’re focused on growing the business to new heights. As part of this we offer a showroom style experience online with experts in our products ready and waiting to help with queries and recommendations. That means you can browse at your leisure with no need to leave your business to come into a showroom, but with backup if you need it. Our team can be reached at or 0800 376 373 and you can start making furniture decisions by browsing our catalogue now.

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