Office Cupboards & Storage Cabinets

Office Storage Cabinets: They’re Alive and Well and Right Here

Storage isn’t what it used to be. A lot of the information we need – but not right now – is kept in that mysterious place, the cloud. That’s because so much of what we do in business and personally is digital and we’re constantly being urged to use less physical material. Paper is the prime example. That begs the question: do office storage cabinets still exist? If you can avoid printing something, not only do you not need to use a printer and ink, but you don’t sacrifice another sheet of paper either. And no paper requires no storage.

We don’t even need to flash a boarding card at the airport these days, because the information is all available digitally, online and we can just call it up on our smartphone and wave that at a piece of glass at the check-in desk. Banknotes? Nah. Many people don’t carry any cash at all because a credit card will do the trick in most instances in most countries. And many notes are not made of paper now anyway. Read More

Who Still Needs Office Cabinets?

We’re not quite paperless yet – not completely. And even if it were possible, some people like having a physical item with things printed on it. They feel more comfortable with that. So, the answer is yes, office storage cupboards do still exist and almost all offices need some storage space. They can be combined with some other item, such as an office cabinet table, or they can be small office cupboards. But the office storage cabinet is still with us and we at Smart Office Furniture have a wide range of storage solutions and other office furniture online including sleek white cupboards.

Did Office Storage Cupboards Go Out of Fashion?

Out of fashion, no. The whole idea of physical storage just became less important because, at some point, businesses started needing less of it. As suppliers of office furniture, it is not for us to say what our customers should and shouldn’t be doing. Our job is to make sure we have what they want, and office storage requirements vary greatly. For that reason, at one end of the scale, we have office cabinet tables which combine a flat surface with a bit of space underneath to keep documents etc. These take up very little room, and if there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it is that having a bit of room is better than having to pick your way carefully across the office floor, trying not to bump into things.

At the other end of the scale, we also have customers who seem to have more sheets of paper, files and folders than others, and they need proper office storage cabinets such as steel cabinet and classy units in styles called credenzas and tambours. These things still exist, and they can be great-looking pieces of furniture that can keep physical storage out of the way, against walls. Some office cabinets can be used as room dividers, breaking up a big, soulless space – there are even some designed to put plants on top, so they are serving three purposes and, in their understated way, making office life that little bit more pleasant. If you wish to keep documents and valuables safe, we even have lockable office drawers.

How Can I Choose the Best Office Cabinets for My Business?

It’s all here on our Smart Office Furniture website, so all you have to do is have a leisurely browse of our wide range of solutions for office storage in NZ, see what would look good in your place and check out the dimensions. Then you pay online and it’s on its way to you. No traipsing around showrooms. And if you would like some advice, by all means, ask us online and we’ll do our best to help you.

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