Steel Storage Cabinets

The Tough Guys of the Office Furniture World: Steel Cabinets

Office furniture is not famous for its strength, and why should it be? It has a lot in common with bedroom furniture, and in neither case do we think about resistance to being broken into. Valuables are placed in a safe or, if you’re going to be away for a few days, maybe in the back of the freezer underneath a bag of peas.

But fear of being robbed is not the only reason to value robustness in a piece of office furniture. A steel cabinet, for instance, just feels more protective than one made of MDF with a bit of decorative wood effect on top. Steel is reassuring. It is more resistant to fire and water, so in the unlikely event of a small blaze or a flood steel storage cabinet gives us optimism. Even though what they contain may be little more than reams of typing paper and blocks of Post-it notes, it’s good to have a bit of protection for your office cabinets, steel provides just that.

Steel cabinets in NZ also tend to be lockable, which makes pilfering more difficult, and every office manager knows that bits and pieces go missing. It’s hardly grand theft, but it all contributes to the bottom line, and anyway, it’s not a nice feeling when office goods disappear. Unfortunately, it’s human nature and the idea that “they’ll never notice a few sheets of A4” is a widespread justification. Read More

Steel Storage Cabinets for Good Looks

For whatever reason, steel cabinets including steel filing cabinets have become standard features of many offices, and they are still with us today. The difference now, though, is that they are better looking than they used to be. No longer does it have to be boring grey or nothing. Nowadays they can look positively attractive. Browse the steel items on the Smart Office Furniture website and you will see what we mean. Practical doesn’t have to be ugly.

The choice is not limited to lockable office drawers or shelves. It’s to do with height, width and depth too. Using the vertical space in your office may be the answer to making the best use of limited square meters.

As much as the digital revolution is changing working environments all over the world, some things are resistant to change, and one of them is the hanging file. There is still something satisfying about going to the cabinet and taking out a file that has been suspended there for years but, through the simple efficiency of diligent staff and a simple system, contains everything you need to know about a certain customer, supplier or product. Nothing scanned or saved digitally: all done the traditional way, bar maybe a few photocopies.

Let the techies obsess over their digital devices – and of course technology is great when it works - but there is still something to be said for having a piece of paper in your hand as conclusive proof that a certain transaction was made.

In our role as suppliers of office furniture in NZ, we strike a balance between facilitating new trends such as laptop tables rather than hulking great desks and covering the more traditional bases. We can hulk with the best of them if that’s what a customer requires, though. You tell us what you need and we’ll do our best to fulfil the specifications.

New Products – Traditional Service

No, we don’t have a showroom for customers to wander around, but that’s a good thing – it saves money. All of our office furniture in NZ can be seen in realistic detail on the website, complete with dimensions, and if you have any questions, then fire away by phone, email or through the online form. We’ll give you all the answers and advice you need. Just as steel retains all the qualities that have made it indispensable in the office, we offer the kind of service that never goes out of fashion.

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