Ergonomic Office Chairs

Relieve Your Aches and Pains With an Ergonomic Office Chair

We haven’t evolved for office work but so many of us work in them that we can’t avoid it. By making the switch to ergonomic chairs in NZ you can help improve your or your staff’s posture and make office work easier. This will make your team comfier at their desks and could even reduce time off sick for back issues.

When you invest in an ergonomic chair in NZ from SmartOffice, you’re choosing a company you can trust as we’ve been providing office furniture in NZ since 1996. We do things differently, rather than having a showroom, we sell our products exclusively online. This provides so many benefits for our customers. You can browse at a time that suits you. Rather than having to wander around a large showroom until you find what you need, you can use our menu or search to get straight to the right section. With us, you still get the benefit of a knowledgeable sales team too. They know our catalogue inside and out even though it’s always expanding so they can help you with personalised recommendations or a no-obligation quote for a full office fitout. Read More

Your Staff’s Backs Will Thank you for Switching to Ergonomic Office Chairs in NZ

Imagine how much happier and more productive your office could be if everyone wasn’t fidgeting and thinking about their aches and pains. Ergonomic means efficiency and comfort in the workplace, so it can mean different things for each person. That’s why we offer a huge range of options. If your staff have trouble with hunching forward at their monitors they may benefit from a kneeling chair that balances their weight which naturally corrects posture. Other staff may only need armrests to put their elbows at the correct angle for typing to avoid wrist pain. At Smart Office Furniture we also have options for an ergonomic chair with three lever adjustments. This would be a good choice if you wanted matching chairs for all staff as each person can adjust the back support and position to suit their needs. It also comes in a range of colours, so we’re sure you can find one to suit your office style. Match it with an adjustable desk for the ultimate set up.

Plenty of Ergnomic Chairs in NZ at Affordable Prices

So we can offer an unmatched choice, whether you want an ergonomic office chair or a new boardroom table and stackable conference chairs, we use suppliers with their own warehouses. This means you can browse our range online 24/7 and they’ll be shipped to you directly from warehouses across New Zealand. Much of our catalogue qualifies for free delivery and should reach you before 10 working days, excluding pre-orders. So when you want to expand your office or upgrade your seating to ergonomic chairs to help your staff’s backs we can help. It’s so easy to browse and order office furniture online on our site so you can get started right now. If you need any assistance or you’d like a no-obligation quote for your office refit contact our team at or 0800 376 373.

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