Boardroom & Meeting Room Tables

Image vs Practicality: Boardroom Tables in NZ

When you see a boardroom table in the movies, it’s a huge thing made of half a rainforest, in a swanky, glass-walled office with a load of people in expensive suits sitting around it and maybe a national leader on a vast screen, talking about averting disaster or something equally riveting but unrealistic. You couldn’t play table tennis on the thing because it’s too big. Insane, unnecessary, wasteful. It’s like a runway on an aircraft carrier.

But that’s just in the movies. In reality, your premises are likely to be much more modest, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get something impressive. At Smart Office Furniture we have a range of boardroom tables in NZ – or meeting tables – and one of them will suit your needs. How many of you are going to be sitting at it: ten, eight, half a dozen, max? We can get you a good-looking, professional boardroom table or meeting table in NZ that is smart in all senses of the world. Big enough to do the job of getting the key personnel around it and fostering team spirit, good quality so it gives the impression the business is doing well, but not ruinously expensive or so big you can hardly squeeze yourself into the room. Image is a factor, as much with staff as with customers, but living within your budget is more important. Read More

Choose Your Boardroom Table Style

Take a look at the options of office furniture here on our website. Boardroom tables and meeting room tables in NZ. Everything is clearly laid out and accurately represented, so you can see what you’re getting. How about a nice-looking piece of wood, rectangular or oval, with a classy top and solid base that’s not going to wobble? Or a metal frame with good, clean, modern lines and the accent on the pragmatic? Some of our meeting tables are pretty compact, so if you’re making the most of small premises at the moment, you can find space for a meeting area, even if it’s not a separate room.

A Boardroom Table for Every Space

It can be good to have a cohesive overall style in your workplace; bits and pieces are fine at first, but as you climb the ladder of success, you can upgrade; you don’t want your office to look like a junkyard.

A round table can be good for individual self-esteem, with everyone feeling equally valued, but the practical consideration there is that it can take up more space than a rectangular one that suits the shape and size of the room. So again, practicality is key.

There is no real need to sit at a boardroom table to gauge how comfortable it is. They tend to be the same height (and you can check the dimensions to make sure), so if you’re using standard office chairs too, your sitting position is going to be good. But if you're looking for a height adjustable desk in NZ we have that too. Browse and order in the comfort of your own space. That’s what makes our online business so cost-effective. We don’t need to rent a showroom and pass the cost on to the customer. We deliver office furniture to Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington & NZ wide. It’s the state-of-the-art way.

Easy Order, Payment and Delivery of your Meeting Table in NZ

Browse our range of boardroom tables in NZ online, right here; ask questions if you like and our staff will advise you. Choose, pay and order and we’ll send you whatever it is. Soon you’ll be in receipt of your office furniture from NZ. We believe in providing a great experience for the customer and getting this ordering and delivery business done with the minimum of fuss is part of the process.

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