Lockable Office Drawers

Lockable Office Drawers and Peace of Mind

Every successful business relies on teamwork. You have your role and everyone else has theirs, with a team leader or manager conducting the orchestra. It’s one of the pleasures of our working lives, being part of a smoothly running unit. So here’s a question: if it’s all for one and one for all in your office, why do you need lockable office drawers?

Maybe it’s just a force of habit. We have all grown up in a society that locks things. We lock the door when we leave the house, not because we’re paranoid, but more as a reflex action. That’s why when sometimes we think, “Did I lock the door?” the answer is yes because we do it automatically.

Having a lockable office drawer gives us a little shot of reassurance; there may be nothing very valuable in there, but it’s important to us and we rely on it being there when we need it. Other people may not see the need to leave it where it is, but then they are other people, not us, and it’s our decision, not theirs. Call it peace of mind or call it fastidiousness: my desk, my rules. Read More

Are There Different Types of Office Drawers with Locks?

There certainly are, and we’ve got a range of them. The standard desk that everyone had until recently has given way in many cases to the current trend for laptop tables because we don’t really need all that desk space. We don’t need the horizontal surface area because laptops take up far less space than even a slimline desktop computer. As for the old PCs the size of a fish tank, when was the last time you saw one in use? In a movie set in the 80s or earlier, when they also had rattly old keyboards, unlike our quiet, low-profile ones.

If you have a modern small-area office desk or table, it probably serves you very well apart from one thing: no storage space. Therefore, you may need a standalone unit with drawers at your side, or maybe all you need is access to some office drawers with locks. Either way, if it’s yours, containing your belongings, your tools of the trade, your records, receipts, invoices or whatever, it is not unreasonable to want to lock it. With our wide product range at Smart Office Furniture you can find the storage solution that is right for you. Wether you're looking for practical under desk drawers in NZ or a classic white cupboard to store your files and stationary.

Filing Cabinets are not Dead Yet

The filing cabinet is a venerable institution in the office world, and many of us still like having one. Take a few steps, unlock a drawer and pull out a mine of information that has been waiting there just in case it’s needed. And none of the documents can be missing, because you have the key and if anyone wants access to it, they have to ask you.

Filing cabinets can be more attractive these days, just as other office cabinets can. The steel cabinets come in other shades than standard, drab grey – although there’s nothing wrong with that if it’s what you’ve got. Most of us want our working area to be presentable, but practical is a more important word. But if you’ve got a colour scheme in mind and it doesn’t revolve around what car manufacturers would call dove grey or woodsmoke, there are options.

All in all, there is more to under desk drawers in NZ than meets the eye, so browse our office furniture online to your heart’s content and if you’ve got questions, by all means, ask us by phone, email or the online contact form. With us, customer service is locked in.

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