Conference Seating

Does Your Business Need Comfortable Stackable Conference Chairs in NZ?

Conference chairs can be easily overlooked but we think they’re an important investment for your business. Meetings are a crucial part of any business to make sure all staff are on the same page. When distributing important information in a meeting you don’t want people to be uncomfortable and fidgeting. Or even worse, imagine someone on a chair that squeaks each time they move. They’ll disrupt the meeting, and no one will take in the key points you’ve worked hard to prepare. If you have clients coming into your office for meetings an uncomfortable chair could start that meeting on a bad note. A comfortable chair could set a positive tone for a meeting leading to improved client relations and happier staff. Obviously, comfort feels slightly different for everyone, but we have a large choice so we’re confident we can find a great option for your budget. Read More

Save Space With our Stacking Conference Chairs

Not every business has the space to keep a meeting or boardroom table and chairs set up at all times. Or maybe your meeting numbers regularly change, and different teams use the meeting room. In these instances, stacking chairs can allow for multiple uses and setups in one room. As soon as your meeting has finished, stack them at the side of the room taking care not to stack them too high or health and safety will be on your back! That’s how our stackable conference chairs in NZ make it easy to maximise your office or educational space. We also have folding tables of various sizes if you need to completely pack away your meeting room in-between. 

Virtually Endless Choices

Armrests or not? Padded seats or not? Black, blue, maybe even red? These are just some of the choices we have to offer in our stacking conference chairs. That’s because at Smart Office Furniture we work with many fantastic suppliers to offer the best quality office furniture in NZ. This means we aren’t limited by what we can fit in our own storage space as your order is fulfilled by our suppliers. We’re proud to have been one of the first independent furniture retail websites after a long career in furniture transport. This independent status has led to relationships with numerous suppliers and allows us to keep updating our collection to keep up with trends and demands. This also means you don’t have to take time out from your office to visit a showroom, just browse our website in your own time. Better yet, if you need a bit of guidance, we have an excellent sales team who know all our products and can recommend the best chairs, and so much more, to suit your space. We can also offer free shipping on many products, and in stock products are usually dispatched within 10 working days so you won’t be hanging around. You can browse the catalogue now, and if you have any questions reach out to us at or 0800 376 373.

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