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Titan Chair

Titan Chair

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  • Description

    • Loved by millions of students worldwide, this Titan school chair is stackable, lightweight and durable
    • The Titan Chair is a strong and light weight chair perfect for the toughest treatment, available in five sizes to suit all ages from preschool to secondary school
    • An ideal seating solution for any school
    • The ergonomic design corrects posture to keep the spine in a healthy position
    • Manufactured from 100% eco-friendly ‘high impact’ polypropylene
    • Unique ‘S’ Shaped Back complies with the latest European standards relating to ergonomics- EN1729
    • Five sizes available
    • One piece polypropylene with superior strength that is UV stabilised
    • No sharp edges
    • Superior strength to withstand the toughest treatment
    • Portable, handle cut-out makes it easy pick up and move around
    • Three seat colours to chose from
    • Stackable up to 12 high when not in use
    • This chair is for everyone and doesn't comprise comfort and style
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    • Dispatched Assembled
  • Specifications

                • 310mmH Indicative maximum user weight 97kg with 6+ hours comfort rating
                • 350mmH Indicative maximum user weight 107kg with 6+ hours comfort rating
                • 380mmH Indicative maximum user weight 107kg with 6+ hours comfort rating
                • 430mmH Indicative maximum user weight 115kg with 6+ hours comfort rating
                • 460mmH Indicative maximum user weight 158kg with 6+ hours comfort rating


                • Dimensions
                • Height Options
                • Seat Height = 310mmH
                • Seat Height = 350mmH
                • Seat Height = 380mmH
                • Seat Height = 430mmH
                • Seat Height = 460mmH