Anti-Fatigue Standing Mats

Are you Looking for an Anti-Fatigue mat in NZ?

Then you’re making good choices for you and your staff and your wellbeing. There have been several studies showing that these mats boost morale and productivity among staff. They also lead to fewer sicknesses, probably due to the fact that sitting for long periods is bad for overall health. By choosing a standing mat for standing desks instead, your staff benefit from the healthier life choice of standing. Fatigue and discomfort from standing are reduced by up to 50% by using an anti fatigue mat so it’s no surprise morale improves too. You and your staff will also feel less tired after work when using these mats so say hello to a great work-life balance. Read More

The Benefits of a Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat

Standing is much better for you than sitting but standing in one place for too long can lead to tight muscles and poor blood flow. In turn, this causes the heart to pump harder which means your whole system is working overtime. This can lead to fatigue and sore muscles and joints. Anti-fatigue mats counteract this by encouraging small movements in leg muscles which don’t normally occur when standing on a hard surface. These movements keep good circulation through the legs so they don’t tire as quickly. As you can probably guess, improved blood flow means your heart’s not working harder than it should so your whole body will feel more relaxed. 

Another reason a standing desk mat will make you feel better in the long run is that the gentle movements it encourages will make sure you’re balancing your weight evenly between both legs. Many of us tend to favour one leg, especially if we begin feeling pain, but this can lead to increased stress on the joints in the leg we’re leaning heavily on. Your knees, ankles and hips will thank you for this investment. You’ll get maximum benefit and comfort by standing on the mat barefoot, but we understand this isn’t viable in all work environments. You’ll still see great benefits with shoes on but try and avoid high heels as they work best on flat feet. 

Easy to Clean and Don’t Take up Space

As we’ve shown here, an anti-fatigue mat standing desk in NZ is a solid investment for your business and staff. They tend to be made of rubber or similar materials so they’re easy to wipe clean. Once on the floor, secured safely to prevent tripping of course, they can be left down as they’re thin. When used with a height adjustable standing desk, they take up less room than an office chair and seated desk, so they’re a great choice for limited office space or if you like an open plan feel. 

At Smart Office Furniture, we have a fantastic range of anti fatigue mats in NZ, and everything else you might need for an interior office fit out. There’s no need to take time out of your day coming down to a showroom as our catalogue can be browsed online at your leisure, you could even start right now. Our team of sales experts are ready and waiting to help with queries or recommendations. They can be reached at or 0800 376 373 Read Less