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Arise Corner Ergolator

Arise Corner Ergolator

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  • Description

    • Create an active and dynamic workplace with the Arise Corner Ergolator
    • The best choice for workplace health and productivity
    • The problem with desktop sit stand units is that they sit on the desktop. Most desks are already too high for the typical user, and adding a keyboard platform just exacerbates the problem. While standing and typing is improved, sitting and typing is more uncomfortable than ever. The Ergolator is the only desktop sit stand unit on the market which truly addresses this problem by incorporating a drop-down keyboard platform which places the keyboard at, or even below, the level of the desktop
    • The Ergolator incorporates an in-line copyholder which sits between the keyboard and monitor to prop up your source documents. This is a huge advantage in either a sitting or a standing posture. Ergonomists agree that this vertical movement, sometimes called the Yes-Yes as opposed to the side to side No-No posture, is the easiest and most efficient way to work
    • To have everything in a vertical alignment allows users to arrange their computer workspace so that everything is in the same focal plane, avoiding tiring refocussing and obviating eye, neck and shoulder fatigue
    • The Ergolator also comes with two convenient USB desktop ports built into the desk surface, providing power and access right where you need it
    • The steel scissor structure is built to last – no matter how many times you sit and stand throughout the day the durable frame will adjust to your height with ease
    • Designed to sit on top of your existing desk, the Ergolator can easily be implemented into any office space, with no complicated installation
    • The slim, modern design offers a sophisticated look to your workplace, allowing the Ergolator to seamlessly integrate into your current office aesthetic
    • Adjustment range desktop = 120mm to + 420mmH
    • Keyboard adjustment range = + 12mm to – 38mmH (i.e. drops below desktop level)
    • Drop down keyboard – lockable at any height
    • Dual USB Ports
    • In-line copyholder
    • Phone or tablet recess
    • One handle operation
    • Wide adjustment to suit all users
    • Smooth silent path - so no co-worker disturbance or irritation
    • Contact us for a quote
    • Dispatched flat packed - assembly required - Assembled option available for additional charge
  • Specifications

              • Weight Rating = 15KG
              • Dimensions
              • Length = 915mmL
              • Width = 780mmW
              • Keyboard Adjustable Height = +12mm to - 38mmH (Drops below desktop level)
              • Desktop Adjustable Height = 120mm - 420mmH