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Metal Mobile Caddy and Tambour Planter Box

Metal Mobile Caddy and Tambour Planter Box

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  • Description

    • Bring the outdoors inside with some greenery to brighten the office environment
    • In Germany it is legislated that people need to be able to see plants in their workplace, while it is not the law here it’s still a great idea
    • Humans need to feel connected to the natural world
    • Improve the outlook and mood in any indoor workplace
    • This planter box features 3 plant holes and conveniently sits on top of your Caddy and Tambour Cupboards
    • Modern style
    • Colour matt white
    • Dispatched assembled
  • Specifications

            • Dimensions
            • Width = 900mmW
            • Depth = 520mmD
            • Height = 220mmH